Thursday, December 22, 2011


We had scheduled and rescheduled our visit to see Santa for a bunch of different reasons, but finally got there on Tuesday morning.  I had them dressed up and was even wetting and combing William's hair seconds before he was placed on Santa's lap.  And who even knows if it even matters, getting the perfect photo is all a big question mark.  Really, if you were placed on this dude's lap wouldn't you start crying?

I had asked the grandparents a few weeks back for pictures of Billy and I around the same age as Lauren and William to compare reactions and of course, how similar they each look to us.  I'm 3.5 yrs old in this picture and PJ is about 10 months.  What I LOVE about this pants!  You can't go wrong in plaid pants.

I forgot to get confirmation on ages, but if I had to guess Billy is about 3 or 4 years old and Cara is oneish?  Surprisingly, none of us are crying.  Maybe not crazy smiles..ok, I think the candy canes helped below.

Everyone was smiles and in good moods.  With a few minutes to kill we took some pictures.

Lauren patiently waited as they called our names and proudly asked Santa for a dollhouse for her birthday.  She got it half right.

A little bit better facial expressions then their parents, but not by much.  Though they look good, you have to admit that!

William had to get his own picture with Santa since it is was his first visit to see the big guy.  Lauren said he isn't getting anything from Santa because he can't talk.  
That makes it easy!



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  1. The kiddos look so darn cute! Lauren is always all-smiles in pics, love it! :)