Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Christmas Time

As one would guess I'm very particular about what goes on my tree.  Billy said that sooner or later my designer tree will be no longer so we can make way for all the kids ornaments.  My response...we'll have two trees!  Ha!  
I'm so happy with how the tree turned out this year.  I've kept the same color scheme of red and gold for a few years and have gradually added more and more finishing touches.

I picked up these poinsettia's that have really completed the look.  If only I could find the right angel, I could sleep at night:)

Here she is all lit up at night!

Our mantel is the only other area we decorate.  I have some ideas for our buffet, but I'm going to wait to purchase those items until after Christmas.

I've had the same mantel decor since I had my first place.  We just cut a few branches from the back of the tree and voila!

My favorite part is the red string beading.  My mom and I bought it at a speciality shop and I love the way it sparkles and hangs off the mantel. 

Outside I recycled my fall wreath with some Christmas garland, ribbon, and berries.  It was so easy to pull out and replace.  

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  1. love what you've done in your home for Christmas!
    Your tree is beautiful!