Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lauren!

As much as I want to crawl into bed and crash after a busy weekend decorating the house for Christmas and preparing for Lauren's birthday, I couldn't go let the day end without recognizing her birthday...virtually.

We waited untll today to give Lauren her new bike.  The dining room was decked out in balloons and her bike was waiting for as she came downstairs.

She was excited to finally get it, as we had been talking about this bike for months.  

 She was slightly more excited about the balloons.

 It is just the cutest little girls bike.  Complete with streamers, a basket, and a bell!
We bought it a little on the large side knowing she won't get much use until next year, so  Lauren was a little frustrated starting out.  Hopefully there will be a few nicer days before winter really hits and we can practice.

More pictures to come tomorrow, but I think she enjoyed her day.

 Lots of love to my best girl!



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