Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Everything

We are now just days away from Christmas and even though we've really tried to celebrate the season it has really crept up on me.  I feel pretty ready, but an almost too ready feeling so I'm making a crazy amount of lists so I don't forget anything.  Like, we were suppose to make Chex Mix today and I had half the ingredients, so I conveniently made that tomorrow's activity.  Today, watch a Christmas movie.  Our choices are "Die Hard" or "Love Actually."  Two great Christmas movies, but not classics.  

Hint, hint for any last minute shoppers...Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story would be great additions to our pretty lame DVD collection.

We did well with our Christmas crafts...marshmallow snowman!

Elmer's Glue, construction paper, markers, googly eyes and marshmallows.  I traced the snowman and she glued and stuck/ate the marshmallows.

For the snow, we had some white paint and she dipped a marshmallow in and made dots.

Our annual cookie making tradition with Grandma Mary was last week too.  Lauren was at school for some of the heavy baking, but helped after lunch.  
Check out our Elf on a Shelf hanging from the chandelier...he's a wild man, that Prince Mittens:)

Lauren does add time to the process but its worth it.  All she wants to do is be right in the middle of everything we do.  So we let her help and may or may not have had to redo all her thumbprints.  

 After grandma left I just let her go to town on all these sugar cookies.  I can't get over how much more she can understand and listen since just turning 3.  Our conversations are more elaborate and the "why" questions have begun.  
Lauren: "Why is it called church?"
Billy: "It comes from the latin word..."

Saturday's activity was all Billy.  Build a fort and have dinner in it.
Lauren and William did think it was pretty cool, Billy thought is was SUPER cool. 
(Not the best pic of everyone, but it was all I got.  Apologies in advance.)

I've had so much fun with the 25 days of Christmas and know that the next few years will be even more memorable but with little room for forgetting ingredients:)



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