Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tangled Party

I wanted to share all the details from Lauren's Tangled Party...
what we did and where I got my inspiration from.

The birthday sign was all me.  
I made a similar one last year and just used the same idea with purple and yellow.  

This picture was snapped in a matter of seconds right before the guests arrived.  Grandma Robin tried to make them both laugh and even though Lauren isn't looking...they are matching, under the tree and smiling!  I'll take it!

After getting inspired at Christopher's birthday, I began my internet search for the perfect Rapunzel cake.  Perfect and easy!  I modified the cake tutorial found here.

Everything I bought was from Kroger.  The cake was two 9" layers of a Betty Crocker box (raspberry jam held them together and added something fruity) and topped with one container of frosting and just a hint of green food coloring.
The tower is just plain donuts and a sugar ice cream cone that I frosted with the remaining frosting (mixing red and blue food coloring).  The key was Billy's state of the art stand.  The tutorial suggested a dowel but other people said it was falling over.  His stand was made of twine that had a base.  I  can email a picture to anyone interested.
I then had purple, yellow, and green icing with 4 different tips to create this masterpiece.  The assembly/frosting took 30 minutes.

(I'm even wearing "the magic flower")

We played two Tangled inspired games...  

Getting Tangled!

Not a big win with Lauren's guests:)

We then pinned the frying pan on Flynn Rider.  All three girls enjoyed this easy game.  I skipped the blindfold and just spun them around a few times.
I got the idea from this blog.  She had the right idea on taking the image to a copy center to be printed vs. drawing your own.  She also did a variation of the tower cake.  Her daughter's party looked like a great time!

Of course, everyone was a winner!

Each girl got to take home their own set of Rapunzel paints.  
Also borrowed from Pluckymomo...she was full of ideas!

(Yesterday we used our paints to make Flynn Rider more colorful)

Opened presents, ate pizza, 

and sang Happy Birthday!

It was the perfect little party with a few special touches!
As much as she loved the cake I made and getting new presents, it was having her friends over that she liked best!



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  1. So cute! Could you send me the pic of your tower cake base. WE are trying to make one for my daughter and not having luck with the base either! My email is