Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Day of School

Tuesday was Lauren's first day of pre-preschool.  Because of her December birthday, she missed the cut off for preschool this year, but I really felt she needed something without me.  Well, we both needed it.  I made a big deal of the day.  A new dress that she got to pick out and a special pasta dinner the night before to carb up!

She was excited to wear her new outfit, complete with new shoes, of course.  And use her new backpack...
Backpack courtesy of her canadian grandparents...thanks Annamaria and Mark!  She has pretty much shunned the pottery barn backpack I purchased:)
She even wanted pigtails like her friend Tinsley who always wears them and is in her class.

Probably my new favorite picture.  Its already on the fridge and will hopefully be making its way to the top of the blog...with the help of Billy.

Grandpa helped out with William while I took Lauren to school and was a nice stand in for Billy who was traveling.  But Billy was able to join us for day two!

Here we are at far, she was still happy.

She started playing right away, but when I left she got nervous and there were a little bit of tears.  When I went to pick her up, the teachers said she did great, but when she saw me she hysterically started crying.  Apparently, "it was kind of scary."  She said "I cried, Tinsley cried, Tommy cried, that little boy cried..."  Par for the course, I guess.

We talked over the next few days that it is ok to be scared, but mom will always come back.  It seemed to help on Friday because she was great when we left, but did cry when I picked her up.  I think once she really realizes that school is fun and mom always comes back, she'll be ok!  I enjoyed a little break on Tuesday and power grocery shopped on Friday with William.  I'm welcoming the time with just William, the routine we will start, and some freed up weekend time now that I can tackle a few things with just one kid.

Happy Sunday!



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