Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six months

Wills is 6 months!
Everyone always says that it goes by fast...and it is.  He is really sitting up and rotating around the floor on his tummy all day long.
Everything is going into his mouth and he is drooling a ton.  No teeth, just drool.
His wild hair has a bit of a curl to it.  I wanted to cut it for our upcoming family pictures, but Billy didn't.  He won.
My most devoted reader asked me awhile back if I felt more a special bond with William because of the difficult pregnancy and loss of my dad.  And at first I said no, but Billy and I are planning a weekend away in a few weeks and I'm getting so nervous to leave him.
I never felt this way with Lauren so it made me think of her question and how William and I have barely been separated since he was born.  I'm not sure if its because I'm not working or because he wasn't taking a bottle or the emotional pregnancy but there is something special between us.  He follows me with his eyes whenever I'm not holding him and smiles at me every chance he gets.  My sweet William.
He is weighing in at 14.5 lbs, gaining 1.5 lbs from his 4 month appt.  Even though he gained his rate slowed down and the doctor wants him back in a few weeks to just make sure everything is ok.  He could just be going through a growth spurt, but she wants to be sure.  We are adding veggies and fruit to his diet, as well as some formula to hopefully pack on the lbs.

Have a great weekend!



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