Monday, September 12, 2011

Something clicked.

Last week there were so many moments I was in awe of my little girl.  The rules, the manners, and the lessons we've been trying to teach seemed to have finally started to click.  After eating, she asks for her hands to be wiped.  She'll grab a book and "read" it.  I dreaded walks all summer because I feared Lauren would get hit by a car as she ran into the street, but this week, she listened.  She even told Sydney to "stay on the sidewalk."  This little girl is becoming a big girl.  I'm sad and happy.  The growing up is making some things so much easier and more fun, but I can't help but see that toddler door closing.

Lauren likes to assist me with cooking.  Every meal, everyday.  As soon as she sees me going to work in the kitchen, even if its just pouring a bowl of cereal, missy says "I want to help."  And people, this is not a question, it's a statement, and don't argue.  She pushes her chair over, samples, touches what she shouldn't, and actually helps in the least way possible.

On Friday, we baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to satisfy a craving Billy was all week.  She sampled leftover vanilla on the teaspoon and dipped her finger into the sugar.  But then, as I was going to pour my flour mixture into the bowl without her knowing, she said "can I please help, momma?"  What, she's asking me?

When you ask nicely and use please, I really can't say no.  I explained that she had to pour a little at a time and she did it perfectly.  I couldn't get over it, I was so proud of her.

So heh, why not let her try out the mixer?  The bowl may or may not have been spinning and almost fell onto the floor, but I blame myself trying to snap a picture.

Her favorite part, along with every other kids, this mama included....

And just because I'm in the bragging mood, she loves Memory.  Lauren's good, really good.  She beat me for realz.

Hope you all had a good weekend!



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