Thursday, September 29, 2011

I don't know how she does it?!?!

Sarah Jessica Parker's little movie has sparked a lot of web discussion. This blog post really spoke to me because I'm constantly feeling like just when I catch up on the cleaning, I didn't play enough.  So then I build towers and read all her favorite books only to find that the laundry piled back up.

But being the perfectionist that I am I bought a new planner to get me more organized because surely that is the ticket to doing it ALL, right?  Now armed with "the bible," I'm carrying it everywhere and writing my goals and to do's for the week.  Planner or no planner, its just as hard.  

(had a $25 off and its personalized...cutest planner ever)

 I do feel more organized and find I have a central place for all things Crawford, but realized that no one does it all.  You can't.  If anything, I'm starting to see that I can't compare myself to anyone else.  I'm the Chief Operating Officer and my boss is always telling me I'm my worst critic.  Its my show and instead of looking at what I didn't cross off the list, I need to say "you go gurrl" for the 15 things that were crossed off.  

Speaking of "I don't know how she does it,"  I co-hosted a lunch with my very talented cousin Colleen.  We split the responsibilities and she took hers to the next level.  She put a lot of thought, time and energy into what she did and it truly showed.
The bellini bar...
 and amazing grilled chicken salad with homemade salad dressings were to die for!
 Its about the memories we make.  And the more and more I let go, I'm finding that balance that makes our family work best.  I'm not wired to play Candy Land with a sink full of dishes, but I'm learning to.  Because she'll never remember how clean the house was, only how TOGETHER we made the mess!
 Four generations of Dutt's women, thank you for a wonderful afternoon!



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  1. You blog too? Who knew?? I'm so proud of you!! And so happy we are related! You forgot to show the picture of your awesome desert!! And to give you and your mom a shout out for setting the table so elegantly!! Love ya!