Monday, April 22, 2013


The April showers have been present most of this month.  And since the weather hasn't been cooperating I've got some pretty bored kids and a mama who has run out of ideas.  
But instead of me coming up with ideas, I let them take the lead.  Exploring.  We were headed to the jungle and through the rainforest.  We grabbed backpacks, maps, our trusty vacuum...
and because we have to be fancy in whatever we do, our princess shoes.
I'm not the best at make believe, but it wasn't my ideas they wanted.  Just me.  I hardly said anything, just an observer while their imaginations ran wild.  "Mom, we are going to follow this path to the river...and look we found a cat who needs these magic bananas that are in my backpack."
I always think that I need to come up with the activity, some pinterest craft, a table full of playdoh, or round of board games.  But something as simple as me just being present and engaged in their world of make believe can be enough.



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