Friday, April 12, 2013

Phoenix: Part 2 {Trip Report}

Our stay in Phoenix was at two different resorts.  Our first night was at a JW Marriott and while it was very nice, it was a little fast paced for what we were looking for.  Basically, Spring Break Tween Central.  The second hotel was exactly what we were looking for.  Most of the time the pool looked just like this!
Other kids came and became their swim partners, but they were content playing with each other.
Our days started early and were spent at the pool.  We suggested a hike, but they were content swimming.  We were able to eat lunch poolside and a cooler was packed daily with adult beverages as well.  
Aside from sushi for Easter dinner, we picked what we thought the kids would enjoy as much as us.  Everyone loves Mexican!
The Old Town Tortilla Factory in Scottsdale was an excellent choice...Thank you Kristi!

Before this iphone shot, I think there were fifty plus shots taken on my camera of the kids and I.  All were complete fails, and not even just someone not smiling...heads turned, me trying to direct Billy, and William freaking the freak out because I won't give him the candy I promised until AFTER we take the picture.  Ok, ok...moving on.

We ended the night in historic Old Town Scottsdale for some ice cream.

And lucky for us...a little skeeball too!

Several people mentioned a train park we needed to visit, and since Wills loves trains we  made the stop!  What a great place for kids.  

Not only was there the train ride, but a caraousel and a few playgrounds with great climbers.
We rounded out the night with our first In-N-Out Burger!  I got a few laughs when I asked for a picture, for which I replied "we're not from around here."
Quite the savings that night at $14 out the door!

We've been having awful weather here...I so wish I was sleeping in the sun right now!



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