Monday, April 29, 2013

Beautiful Burpcloths

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  We enjoyed some of the sunshine on Saturday while also getting some work done around the house, and then rewarded ourselves with a nice dinner out with friends.

This is just a quick post to share these beautiful burpcloths that my mom made!  
She has been making them for awhile and taking them to showers for a few mom's to be.  
I took it a step further by asking a family friend to monogram them.  I think they should team up and start a little side business, just sayin:)
 I love giving gifts that are more of a want vs. need.  I almost always go with the registry for a baby shower, but like to make the gift more personal once the baby arrives.  Sometimes it's a special outfit or a personalized blanket, but these burpcloths are my favorite.  It should be arriving at their doorstep this afternoon, I hope they like them as much as I do!

And in case you're wondering...the baby's name if Clifford "Ford" for short:)




  1. SO cute. I think I know who embroidered them...

    1. Ha! We know of quite a few babies, so she's had a few more orders since this!