Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Bash

I'm been a bit of a slacker in the blogging world, but after today I think I'm finally caught up.  We've been crazy consumed with all things home buying and selling, and we are now taking on selling our home by owner.  Fingers crossed!  It will be more work, but hoping a change in price might attract the right person.  

My birthday was two weeks and I got to celebrate it with my favorite girls and their favorite guys.  We planned to get away that Saturday a few months earlier and it just to happened that my birthday and Frank's were on the same day earlier that week.  

We are so lucky to be invited to Jocelyn's parents house as much as we are.  It's the perfect place to escape for a night, and it was much needed time with our close friends. The eight of us don't get together enough, but we always make up for lost time.  

We enjoyed great food and wine, and we all laughed so much!  Jocelyn woke up on Sunday saying her abs were sore from all the laughing...we never stopped!  Even though we aren't that far now, they will all be minutes away from us once we move.  Minutes is huge!  Talk about killer abs, looks like I could be rocking those if I just hang out with these folks more:)

The night away was a perfect little stress reliever from all the house business.  We went radio silent for 24 hours and just enjoyed the celebration and good company!



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