Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Graduate!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I'm certainly milking the mother's day aspect of it over here.  Every scream and each fight has been ended with "it's my mother's day weekend, you need to be nice."  Yes, weekend.  Heck, I may drag this out all week!  I'm excited for tomorrow and hoping for a little peace:)

But last weekend, we got to celebrate with the newest Michigan State graduate!
Congrats to cousin Emma!
We don't miss many opportunities to head up to East Lansing, but this was extra special because Emma was celebrating her graduation party just as Billy did.  A quaint little send off in her apartment with family, subs, chips, and drinks!  Emma and Aunt Mary did step it up with freshly blended margaritas.
 The kids loved every minute of the visit.  They are loved on so much by all their cousins, aunts and uncles.
We never made it onto campus, but walked Grand River Rd. while doing a little shopping.  William has since worn this hat everyday, Lauren hasn't touched hers.

 Billy and I did make an unexpected stop at an old East Lansing favorite of mine.  I have a lot of memories...ok, some hazy...but a lot of fond college memories with sorority sisters at this place.  I'd like to think I'd fit right in on a Saturday night, but I'm sure yawning at 11pm and my lack of knowledge on what a "Spartan Bomb" is would be telling.



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