Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Sweets {Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream & fresh berries}

I'm straying from my usual love for cookies and bars this Sunday to share an incredibly easy dessert when hosting a few guests.  
I'm not even sure if Jocelyn remembers but she was hosting a few of us for dinner one night after work several years ago and I arrived early to help.  She asked me to whip up this chocolate mousse and it's been a go to dessert ever since.

I love this dessert when playing hostess because it can be made hours ahead of time.  I was whipping these up at 8am.  You simply add milk and the powder and blend away.  The brand pictured is what I always use and is available at most grocery stores.

To make it look like there was a little more effort I serve the chocolate mousse in martini glasses.  These glasses have been used for dessert more than they have for cocktails.  This time I added reddi-whip and fresh berries, but I've served the mousse plain as well.
Preparing for guests can be a lot of work, so anything that is easy and can be done ahead of time is always a plus!  Do you have any go to foods when having company to make things easier?



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