Saturday, May 25, 2013

You win some, you lose some.

I'm not going to sugar coat it or try to be poetic, there were several moments this week when I wanted to take the sweetness and thoughtfulness from Mother's Day and shove it right up my children's tiny little behinds.  I was in the trenches of battle before breakfast was even served several mornings this week.  And I'll tell ya, when you start the day like know it's gonna be a long one.
When I lost this week, it was big.  At one point, they were both shunned to their rooms until Billy came home.  They are never both in their rooms.  I wish I could say they were in there for hours learning a lesson, but it was probably 20 minutes at the most.  But even though I lost some battles, a few were strategic losses.  I may not have gotten them to clean the playroom with the reward of an ice cream sandwich.  But I outsmarted Lauren and William by cleaning it myself and eating that ice cream sandwich right in front of them acting like it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted.  The light bulbs were going off in their tiny little heads, lemme tell ya!

But we did have a few wins.  Feel good, I'm a great mom, they are going to remember this one day kind of wins!  We took an afternoon trip to the movies to see The Croods, it was Wills first trip to the show and a complete success!
 I followed that up with a trip to TCBY for Waffle Cone Wednesday and a visit to the library.  You won't believe it, but it the movies and ice cream only cost me $11.00!  The price of the afternoon was a win even if everything else had gone to $hit!
 We ended the week with a trip to Chuck E Cheese.  Lauren had been asking to see Emma for weeks and even though we're visiting with them this weekend, seeing her in this little fun house was a huge surprise!  Aunt Jocelyn gets the win for this great suggestion!

I haven't been to a Chuck E Cheese in years and have to say I was pleasantly surprised, not sure I'd want to be there on a Saturday afternoon...but it was perfect on a quiet Friday.

I was down on myself for the battles lost this week, but I know there will be more, plenty more since I think they are really starting to figure out it's 2 vs 1. To combat, I try to start each day fresh, hope they are learning some of the lessons I'm trying to teach and praying for patience.  Patience goes a long way with a 2 and 4 year old.  And wine, that goes a long way too...that's why we always have lots of bottles on hand.

They got their ice cream sandwiches later in the week...just to be clear that I didn't give in:)


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