Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dad's Vacation

Billy has been home with us for almost two weeks because he will be starting a new job come Monday.  The longest vacation from work he's had was when we got married and even that was only a week and a half.  But this wasn't just a break from work, he was free of voicemails and emails too!

We didn't want the two weeks to pass us by without tackling several lingering honey do's as well as getting in a little fun.  So we made a list, a big list.  The list had big and little things we've been meaning to get to but we also included the fun things we wanted to do to.  There was a lot of time for some extra fun last week because the kids were out of school...

We took cousin Johnny out to dinner at my favorite place in Ann Arbor, Dominick's.  It's a great little seasonal place that has some fabulous Sangria!

 School was out, but there was a planned field trip back to Skyline where I had taken her in the fall.  They had a great morning together with perfect weather.  Billy loved that he had the opportunity to go!
And this should come as no surprise, but we made a trip to the zoo!  I should really post a map to show you just how close we are.  I think this is our third trip of the year and the season has just started.  For those in the area, the new lion exhibit is awesome!   
And he spent most of Friday and Saturday working on the yard.  It looks great especially with all the spring if only a potential buyer could see this!  
I've certainly kept him busy, but I think we both feel good about crossing so many things off the never ending list!


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