Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Detroit Kid City

I noticed this building several times when I would drive by going to the gym, but hadn't heard anything about it.  I finally looked up Detroit Kid City and knew we had to check this place out!  It is a "play" city complete with a market, restaurant, bank, school house, and more!  The kids can just run from shop to shop and let their imaginations run wild.  They also do a craft everyday and there is story time at 11:30am.  

We went last week and have since been back three more times.  The location is so convenient for us and perfect now that the weather is getting cold or on a rainy day.  Yesterday, we just dropped in pre-dinner to burn off some post nap energy.

It is a bit expensive at $10/child (adults and under 12 months are free), but they are running a special right now.  Buy one month ($100), get one month free!  I thought it was a great deal for us.

I'll just let the pictures do the rest:)  

 Lauren loved being the mail carrier.  There are letters with numbers on them that coordinate to different mailboxes all over the city.

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