Tuesday, October 9, 2012

$3 Fall Mantel

I'm really excited about how the mantel turned out, because it only cost me $3!  I had purchased some fall decor last year with the idea in mind that it would last awhile, but totally changed my tune when I unpacked it and looked at the blog post from last year. I just felt I could get a little more creative, a little simpler, while bringing some natural elements in.  BUT, if I'm going to be changing things up year after year I needed to do this with little to no cost.

My inspiration started with the acorn frame I found here.  I got the frame in the dollar bin a Michaels and made a game out of finding all the acorns with the kids.  I simply hot glued all the acorns and added the burlap and leaf.  

I wanted some branches to bring more outside in and add some height.  I found them on a walk but after arranging them in the mason jar, thought they needed a pop of color.

I just made my own pumpkin branches by breaking apart this little guy from last year.

This side was A LOT harder to figure out on a budget.  Keeping it simple, I got the ghords for $2, found the candles and candlesticks in the closet and finished it off with a little kitchen twine.  

I keep thinking I can make this side better, but  I decided to stop obsessing over a MANTEL and move on:)

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