Monday, October 29, 2012

Zoo Boo Day

Just like last year we participated in a few Halloween activities.  Zoo Boo at the, you guessed it, Detroit Zoo.  And Boo Day at dad's office.  Before we left for Zoo Boo, I managed to get a few shots of them in their costumes.  

 I wish you could see him all dressed up, we just want to eat him up and kiss those cheeks.  Absolutely adorable as a little lion!  His roar is spot on.

Zoo Boo

We met our neighbors for what was going to be a fun filled evening.  Of course when there was no chance of rain in the forecast, it starts raining almost as soon as we got through the gates.

A sprinkle soon became full on rain, which meant bust our a$$es through this thing and get mom and dad a beer.  I love doing things for my kids, but there is no singing in the rain for this mama!

                                                                             All kidding aside Zoo Boo would a great night out if the weather was better.  Besides the trick or treating, there is a mini maze, craft tent, games and Elmo was even there.

Boo Day

We've gone every year and I know Lauren, and now William really do enjoy getting to see where their dad works.  Though in their minds they probably think it's like that all the just sitting around eating kit kat's all day:)

I don't know if you agree, but I totally see Billy in William in this picture.  

He keeps putting the candy with the wrapper in his mouth...just give the kid a piece already, right?

I was super organized with their costumes which is the most important.  But just yesterday we finally got our pumpkin (wait till you see this thing), and I have yet to get candy.  Let's hope the good stuff is still there or this house could be passing out smarties or tooth brushes:)

Happy Monday!



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  1. Yes, definitely see what you're saying about Wills looking like Billy... And in that 2nd to last pic, I see a little you in LC! :) Great pics and I love your outfit! What pants are you wearing??? Love!