Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mommy Dates

Knowing that William and I were going to have alone time two days a week while Lauren was in school, I planned to make one of those days all about him.  We were three weeks in and had barely even read a book or played with blocks.  I was feeling guilty.  

Compared to Lauren he was an angel in the errand running department.  Happy to just be sitting in the cart without you know who directing our every turn.  But after completing a long list of neglected to do's the few week's prior, I dropped Lauren off at school and devoted the morning to William. We had some one on one time at the park, followed by a trip to the candy store (not pictured for obvious reasons.)

And this week was her turn.  There has been no school but a planned field trip with her class on Tuesday.  Younger siblings were invited, but I wanted to use the time for just us.  With Lauren, the alone time is such a positive thing.  Billy and I have noticed that even an hour of one on one time can make a bad day turn good.

The field trip was to Skyline Camp in Almont, Michigan...we did a scavenger hunt, sang songs, read stories, collected leaves for a project, and enjoyed a hayride.  The day was gorgeous, but much to my surprise Lauren was incredibly shy to start.  It was so unusual for her I thought she was sick, who knows why, but as soon as she felt comfortable she went from this...

to this!

Maybe mixing so many patterns gave her a headache?!?
I can get down on myself when I see a need to re access how I'm doing things, like I've made some sort of mistake.  And even though it's not a mistake, I'd rather have these moments where we reevaluate to make it better and try new things.  Sometimes it's just gonna be about me and sometimes it's gonna be about them.



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  1. You are such a great mom!!! And that "shy" pic of Lauren is gorgeous! xxo!