Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrating Two Years

Today I want to wish a little Happy Birthday to my wee little blog!  I started this as a way to document my new adventure as a stay at home mom and it has become so much more than that.  Thank you to all who check in from time to time.  I love having this little space that is all mine!  It has been an adventurous and crazy two years, but also a time of healing and growing.

There are no yearly reviews to access my performance.  I may plan one heck of a tea party or a backyard sprinkler bonanza that makes the neighbor kids jealous, but most of the time I don't even get a thank you.  I do get feedback on areas I can improve on like which way to cut a turkey sandwich, how food should never touch on a plate, and I've been silenced many times when I start to sing sweet William to sleep.

 It can be a thankless job, and the rewards aren't monetary but when they happen, boy are they fulfilling.  These are my loves and I take the good with the bad...sometimes the bad does need to be fixed with a glass or two of wine, just sayin.  It's a roller coaster of being ready to lose my mind because Lauren is egging William on to toss his milky cheerios all over the floor, to being in awe of their sweetness after she sat and "read" him all his favorite books.
And even though no one is analyzing my performance, I think we all know when we are doing our best and doing just enough to get by.  And sometimes, doing enough is ok.  We all need the slumps to get us to back on track and motivated, even in this job.

It's hardly glamorous, but filled with lots of kisses and plenty of boogers!




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  2. Aubrey,
    I enjoy your blog.... watching your children grow, trying your recipes, and laughing out loud at your stories. You are an awesome and creative mom! Keep up the good work.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I check this blog on the regular ;) and it always makes me happy :) Keep up the good work, sista!