Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Week

Our week was pretty routine and nothing really worthy of it's own post, so I thought I'd do a little recap through my iphone and instagram pictures.  

Gymnastics Competition
Last Friday night we spent the evening watching a cousin compete in a gymnastics competition.  It was amazing to watch such young girls with so much talent.  The floor routine was right in front of our seats, so you can imagine what unfolded.  
Ladies and gentlemen....the amazing and talented Miss Lauren Crawford!!
Photo courtesy of C.Ryan

High Heeled Cool Dude
I don't just hear the clankity-clank (technical term) of one pair of princess shoes, but now two!  He loves them as much as Lauren.  
I think he's picked up a few things from his fashionista sister.

Play date
We've enjoyed several play date's with Aubrey and Addy over the last few months while their mom was on maternity leave with their new baby sister Alaina.  She heads back to work on Monday, but summer is right around the corner!

I can check that box because I had my first carpool experience this week.  Lauren loved riding in the way back and I loved listening to the conversations that took place.  Tommy's mom needed my help because their dog was having surgery to amputate one of his legs.  Tommy was adorable explaining how their dog will walk on three legs to a very inquisitive Lauren.  

Shamrock Shake
Yep, there back already!  I think it was gone in 60 seconds, delish!

Snow Day

Lauren and William had their first official snow day from school yesterday.  I was a bit disappointed as Friday is my morning alone and I look forward to that time all week.  But we ended up having a really great day.  I would do something for them and then something for me and the balance worked out perfectly.
Working out proved to be a little difficult...push ups are hard when someone is trying to crawl under you:)



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