Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shopping Your Closet

I was stumped on what to blog and asked a friend for some ideas, she suggested how I put my outfits together.  Thank you for the wonderful compliment Meg, but I can't take all the credit.  I can put some outfits together on my own, but get a lot of help from pinterest.  I thought I'd put together a few samples of what I pinned and what my take was.  Using pinterest as a guide to shop your own closet is a great way to save money and mix and match what you already have.  I added a button on the right so you can follow me on pinterest and see what I'm up to!

Mustard, Polka Dots and Purple

Mustard, Polka Dots and pop of Orange

Gingham,Yellow, and Fall Jacket
Emerald Green, Denim, Black Skinnies, Bling, and Leopard

***All pictures from pinterest have credit given to the original blogger under my collage with a link using the text via***

I will take credit for this outfit.  I have worn this ensemble three times so you will most likely see me in this if you haven't already!
 If you need any help shopping your closet, my girl Jocelyn is up for the challenge!
We had a blast a few weeks ago creating outfits for my mom using what she already owns.  But MOM, yes, I'm talking to are in the dog house until we see some of these recreated!  And I better not see a few items that should still be in the goodwill pile.


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