Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's Up!

I've got some news to share...The Crawford Clan is going to be moving!
It has been on our radar for awhile but the plan had always been spring 2014.  But after a meeting with a few realtors and lots of discussion we decided to start the process now.  The move is going to take us back to Grosse Pointe, which is where both Billy and I grew up, our families are there and so are many of our friends.  It is a charming, small community that is perfect for raising a family.  We are excited for the next chapter, but we gotta close this one first!

And lemme tell ya, trying to sell your house with two kids is exhausting.  Thankfully, our dog Sydney is at my in-laws so that has made leaving for showings easier and much less upkeep because all the dog hair is gone.  But there is still upkeep to make sure the house is always ready whenever we leave.  The plus side is that I'm so on top of the cleaning and laundry that I may actually get to work on making a photo book or organizing recipes!  
William and Lauren have certainly done their fair share of destroying all my hard work, but they are also helpful and understanding.  I know I've been insanely distracted with this process, but the dust has begun to settle and being on top of things means we can have more fun too!

And since we had to be out of the house last weekend we did have a little fun. 
Lunch at Cafe Muse where we toasted to all of our hard work and hoped that things happen fast!

An afternoon visit to the bookstore to play and browse.

Followed by a quick trip to a fun candy shop!

 Sunday we escaped to Grandma and Grandpa's where the kids got to torture play with their Uncle Brandon.

 And we got to sit back and enjoy a fun little happy hour.  Uncle Brandon always has a new game he wants to try with us and we've usually never heard of it.

And I have to share this...we were all having a little down time on Saturday and she enters the living room having changed into her princess dress with a well thought out proclamation. "Mom, I need a Merida crown, a Rapunzel crown, and an Aurora crown.  I need crowns...a lot of crowns."

I hope everyone is having a great week!



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