Saturday, March 2, 2013


Jackpot.  Defined in our house as an amazing deal.  Maybe it was receiving the mother load of playdoh when we only expected a four pack for Christmas or scoring the cutest bathing suit at the end of the season for $4. While running errands Thursday, William and I totally "hit the jackpot."  
This train set was hiding in a pile of toys at Marshall's for $10!  At first I did question whether it may be too good to be true, but one picture message to a mother of two boys and it was in my cart! 

I normally would have saved this until his birthday, but I was so excited that I decided we would open right away.  I stopped for a Shamrock shake for us to share while we put the track together.

Almost two hours later the track was together and in frustation with the zillion tiny screws this thing came with, I drank the shake by myself.  
Sorry Wills, but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.
This ramp-oh-fun is what almost put me over the edge!  Screw red piece in place while holding three pieces of road together...riiiggghhhtt!
Assembly aside, it is a great little train set and the price really could not be beat!  And he is in love with it!
Now we just need a table so he won't step all over it:)



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  1. We got Tyler a table train set for his bday and he is obsessed with it as well!! Good buy!