Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leprechaun Locomotive Sundae Bar

As promised, I'm back with the details about the sundae bar.  Instead of a cake, I decided on ice cream sundaes.  William and Lauren have never let a scoop melt, where cookies and cakes are left half eaten...until I finish them.  And it seemed easy enough to make the bar train themed.
The cars were just mini loaf pans from Kroger and I modpodged with scrapbook paper.  They needed wheels and a quarter was the perfect size.  They may not be perfectly round, but a little dot with a black sharpie and I was done!
The train car labels were from a Martha Stewart line at Michael's and I just added the stickers and used toothpicks to display.

*Oreo Coal Car
*Box Car Bananas
*Side Car Sprinkles
*Passenger Car Peanuts
*M&M Monorail
*Peanut Butter Cup Caboose
* Steam - Whipped Cream
*Axel Grease - Chocolate Syrup
*Engine Oil - Hot Fudge




  1. Came out super cute, love the names! Steam...how cute is that!

    Xoxo, Beth

  2. This turned out great! Awesome job.

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