Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Team Spirit

We talked about the big MSU vs. UofM basketball game all week.  I even bought Lauren the cheerleading outfit and she couldn't wait to get to Grandma's to grab her pompoms and cheer on MSU.
Grandma's got talent!  Shaking those pompoms exactly like the girls on tv!
Lauren also wanted to give everyone a special performance during halftime.
I'm sure you are wondering what she is wearing and where it came from.  Our neighbor's husband is Indian and on his last trip to India he brought this home for his daughter.  After Lauren fell in love with it, we were lucky enough to have it on loan for the weekend.

Despite being dressed up for a Vegas show, Lauren had some major stage fright.  William was ready to steal the show but she pulled herself together and swayed from side to side for the duration of the song (the fourth attempt to play the song) long as Uncle PJ kept his eyes closed.
Maybe the dress just put too much pressure on her?


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