Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Maybe it had something to do with school starting or knowing we wouldn't see the ninety degree weather again until next summer, but there they were...a little bit bigger.  I blinked.
I know in the past that blinking moment has left me sad, like I had missed out on something.  But right then, my blink left me feeling fulfilled.  Yes, it's going by fast but in that moment I was feeling so grateful that so many of their memories, so much of what they experience is with me.

Several friends commented on how much older Lauren looked in her first day of school pictures.  She's loving her new school and making friends so fast.  I had the pleasure of working at her school last week and loved being able to see her interacting with her teachers and friends.
 Six months ago William was hardly talking and now I'm having real conversations with him.  While Lauren was in school last week, he and I went for a long walk and he talked the entire time about what he saw.  I can't be sad about that blink.  
Today I'm loving what comes along with them growing up, and I'm leaving it at that.  A lot of excitement for what's next!



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