Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Racing For Kids

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day and judging from my facebook feed it seems that most kids are back to school.  We have just a few more days of summer vacation as school starts for Lauren and William next week.
Last week we got to take the kids to a fun street fair through Racing For Kids.  It's an organization that started in Detroit and is centered around racers visiting sick children in  hospitals where they will soon race.  

 If there wasn't a line of kids waiting for their turn, I think Lauren and William would have been content sitting in this car.

I'm not really sure why they look so serious here, but I think she was upset that he was on Turbo (a snail from new kids movie in case you were wondering) and he was upset because she wanted to get on Turbo.  Makes sense, right?

It was a fun little morning out and most of it was free.  A scavenger hunt to the local shops where the kids could get lots of goodies, a bounce house, fire truck, and ice cream.  Well, that wasn't free...but I'm a sucker for it.  We will definitely be going next year!



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