Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day.

Aside from meeting her teachers and a few new friends, the only preparation for Lauren's first day of school was her outfit.  Three outfit changes before the big day.  I was worried the final selection was wrong for the 97 degree day that was forecasted, but considering pick up was before 11:30am...I went with it.

Not only was Lauren off for her first day, but William was beginning his first day at a mother's morning out program.  Everyone was ready, including me.  I love the lazy days of summer, but welcome the business and routine that the school year brings.

Like last year, I sat both kids down before bed and talked about being kind, being yourself, and working hard.  That conversation seemed to mean much more this year with Lauren even giving me examples of being kind and being a good friend.  

Much simpler for William...please don't hit, kick, or bite anyone.  Be nice.  And when I picked him up and asked about his day...he said he was nice!  Message received.

Dad was away on business, but we included him in a quick facetime call and look at the smiles he brought.  Yes, iphone in one hand and camera in the other.  I'll do anything to get my kids to smile.

He cried when we dropped Lauren off, wishing she was staying with him.  But by the time we got to his school he was over it and ready for his day.  Funny enough, I got more information from him then I did her.  He played with a dump truck, sang, and ate goldfish.

I also enjoyed my first day of much needed alone time.  It will still amaze me how much I can get done in such a short period of time without any interruptions!


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  1. The look on Wills bummed face is priceless!

    Here's to a great school year!! xxo