Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Kitchen: The Plan

The post you've been waiting for.  The piece de resistance!
 There are no before or progress pictures, there are just pictures.  Despite being not so pleasing to the eye, it is very functional.  All things kitchen that I own fit, which is a huge plus because I was running into our basement several times a day for what wouldn't fit in our teeny tiny space that was completely redone.  
I also like that it's white and will most likely go that route when the time comes to change it.  The previous owner did install brand new pergo flooring which I loathe, I can't keep it clean.  Hours after cleaning it still looks like the floor the morning after college house party.
This peach tile is probably the biggest eye sore, and I'm sure there are several little fixes we could do to update the space without spending a lot.  However, right now the thought of throwing even $300 in here means no new rug for the family room.  
I did leave out the breakfast nook, It's become a catch all for crap that needs some organization.  It's one thing to post a not so pretty space, but it can be a clean and not so pretty space:)
 The plan is a complete gut job, but the timeline is probably at least two years out.  It gives us time to really determine what we want the space to be.  So for now, this is it!  

First day of school in the morning!  Woohoo!



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