Friday, September 6, 2013

Chore Chart

It seems with school starting and fresh starts that a lot of parents I'm talking to are also introducing new routines at home and even new responsiblities for their little ones.  I wanted to share a simple chore chart that has worked really well for Lauren.
 At her school conference at the end of last year the teacher suggested giving Lauren some jobs at home.  Apparently she was racing through every activity just to be the first one done.  Hand washing...first place.  Art project...first place.  Winning is always fun, but racing to get your googly eyes glued on first isn't exactly going to get you a college scholarship.  The answer for us was to give Lauren some of her own tasks to complete to give her a sense of ownership and responsibility.

This simple chore chart had things Lauren was already doing like getting dressed, brushing her teeth and going to bed without a problem.  We really just added making her bed and setting the table, but thought if we kept a few known chores it would make it easier.  At first there was a do all your jobs and mom or dad will take you out for an ice cream.  But then once she really got the hang of it these just became her jobs like mom and dad have jobs.  We all have jobs to help this family run.

***Chore Chart was printed and then laminated.  I bought the wipe-off markers which work well*** 

Setting the table isn't completely independent.  I get the plates and utensils and put them on the table, but she grabs the place mats and napkins and puts everything together.  It's not the prettiest, but she's proud of it.  I think her pride is a little contagious because I've found William grabbing his own fork from the drawer and even wanting to clear his plate after eating.

Having her make her own bed has been the best part.  I haven't made her bed in almost six months and as soon as she wakes up...she makes it.  Yep, I'm bragging.  I still get excited every time she tells me it's already done, such a time saver for me.  If I could only figure out how to take this magic formula into areas such as cleaning up the play room or the constant battle of getting my kids to eat and finish their dinner.  As usual, trying to take the good with the bad.  
Always enjoy seeing the specific placement of her stuffed animals.  I'm not even sure where Piglet came from...anyone missing him?

Have a great weekend!

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