Sunday, May 13, 2012

Because I'm the Mom and I said So!

Words I heard all too often growing up when I asked "why."  I would roll my eyes at all the phrases my mother would use, mostly reasons for why she said "no."  There is no blueprint for motherhood, no four year degree.  High school prepares you for college and college for your career.  But motherhood, where was that class?  

We have our parents, friends, and own upbringing to guide us.  But we are the boss, fast tracked from entry level to CEO from the very moment our babies are laid into your arms.  People often say it takes six months to a year to really feel comfortable in a new job, and surprisingly the same has applied to becoming a mother of two.  I've grown more this past year as a mother to both William and Lauren then I ever would have thought.

Through meltdowns and tantrums, colds and sleepless nights, adventures and everyday, laughter and tears...I couldn't have done it without every other mom I know.  
It takes a village!

To ALL my mama friends...I'm so lucky to have you not only as friends but as mothers I can look up to, discuss worries, celebrate victories and when all else fails, vent!  You are all raising beautiful children, and doing it with such poise!   

To Robin...Billy is the amazing dad he is because of you, I'm thankful for him everyday.  We often talk about wanting to parent as you and Bill did because whatever you did it right three times!  Thank you for everything you do for us and our children!

To Mom...I never know where to begin on Mother's Day.  You were and are an amazing mother.  Someone with awe-inspiring patience, a listening ear that has never grown tired, who almost never complains, and a mother that still puts her children before herself.  I love you and hope that my kids will see me like I see you someday.

(This continues to be one of my favorite pics of us)


Put your feet up and cheers yourself...why?  
Because YOUR the mom, and I said so:)



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