Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Roundup

The weekend started early and ended yesterday.  Full of fun for the kids but some mom time too, of course.

We started Friday morning with a trip to Domino Farms.  It was a gorgeous day so we included a picnic lunch too.

Lauren LOVES her friends Tristan and Tinsley, I have started to joke that she wants to be a part of their family...case and point.

We ended our friday with some singing, dancing, and CHASING.  
The Merry Music Maker put on a great show but William wanted nothing to do with the show or sitting with me. 

If you're happy and you know it...find the janitor's broom.  Anything and everything that isn't for tots, William wants.

Lauren was ready to run around halfway through as well, but I somehow managed this.  Too bad she is a little blurry.

Saturday night we were a family of five.  We babysat Tyler who was visiting from California while his parents went to a wedding.  He was so good, an absolute delight to have.  Easy going and laid back.  Our kids are CRAZY compared to him.

We were waiting for Kristi to return and Lauren kept saying "I've got my guys."  So cute!

If you're still with me...I know this is long:)

Mother's Day was awesome, one of my favorites.  
Nana hosted dinner at her house.  My mom and brothers were included and Lauren got to visit with most of her cousin's.  (Which she said was her favorite part of the day)

Nana orders Chicken Shack and calls it a day.  You help yourself and find a chair.  I do love the fuss that goes into a nice home cooked meal and a beautifully set table, but sometimes simple is welcomed just as much.  It was an afternoon where everyone was enjoying themselves.  I was lucky enough to be able to put my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine.


Thanks for a great Mother's Day, Nana!


To get in one more fix with our 
California friends we did an early dinner last night.

Great to see you guys and safe travels to 

We were back to our routine today after a week off school, next week is her last week!  I can't believe summer is here!