Thursday, May 3, 2012


Publicly he's known as Wills or William.  Semi-publicly we slip in a Buddy, Broski, and I can't even tell you how I gave him this nickname, Big Money.  But privately and only to me, he is Lovey.  My little lovey guy.

He is communicating more and more with us, even doing things he know will get a laugh.  As well as doing things he knows are wrong, like repeatedly pulling wine bottles off the rack.  I brought back "danger," because I mama's gotta have her wine, not the fear of broken glass and bare feet.

He can say mama and dada, plays picaboo and clap his hands.  He babbles a ton and with so much inflection.  Sounding much like me if I were trying to be a ventriloquist.  And today, he saw me giving Lauren some chips from a bag.  Well, Big Mon's wanted chips too. He pointed and grunted.  I'll take it.

 "I'm thinkin' this isn't the right way, but I always do EXACTLY what she says."

These pictures just make my heart happy.  

Growing up we had a similar entryway in our house and Sean use to look out of the window and wait for my dad to get home from work.  

It's his new favorite spot, and I think he loves it more when Lauren isn't there.  He is a busy guy and constantly exploring, but William explores just by taking it all in too. I'm lucky because he is usually such a sweetheart when I run errands while Lauren is in school, just happy as can be while I grocery shop.  If only I could be that happy grocery shopping.

Wills wanted to be right in the middle of the reading action, a very rare moment for him.   As soon as his bottle was finished, he was on the move.  He may be still in his stroller, but when you know you'll be caged for the next ten's gotta move while he can.

I know Lovey.  Sometimes, love does stink.



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