Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

I wasn't even going to write about last weekend because it's already Wednesday and I've gotten over the craziness that it became.  Billy was gone almost the entire week and to describe how ready we were for his return...we were all in the car as he pulled up ready for a Friday dinner out!  

We had a great family dinner, went shopping for plants, took the kids for ice cream, and had some much needed family time outside before getting the kids to bed.

Then came Saturday.  I had grand plans for the day.  Keep the kids occupied with all the water toys we own while we tackle some much needed yard work.  Fail and fail.

I'll never get back the two hours of my life that were wasted putting this lagoon together.  I kept blowing it up only to have it leak somewhere else.  After I finally gave up, I figured the kids would be happy with the three other water toys.  
Nope, they were on top of every move we made.  Go figure.

Just as we were really getting going, Billy stopped.  Sick.  The kids had enough sun anyway and after getting everyone settled I attempted to get cleaned up.  Lauren and William got into EVERYTHING while I showered, my coffee tables have some nice new dents from them banging my hand mixer beaters.  I lost it!  Pretty sure my neighbors think I'm the craziest mom ever.  

I knew I just needed a break.  I was basically solo parenting all week.  Luckily, I was getting together with the girls on Sunday and my in-laws came to babysit so I could regain my sanity!  The three hours with them brought me back.  This too almost went bad when my phone died and the restaurant we were suppose to meet at was closed!  I had two simple instructions upon my arrival...a hug and a drink.  Both were waiting.  Thank you ladies!

Things don't always go according to plan and I've been trying to learn to roll with it.  But add beyond crazy kids and dad getting sick?   Moments of insanity happen and I can only hope I'll grow so next time...I"ll just turn to the drink and hug first:)

Hope your week is going well. I've been a crazy lady preparing for an upcoming vacation with a still sick hubby:(  Hoping he has turned the corner today, fingers crossed.



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