Thursday, May 17, 2012

William's Room: DIY Shell Art

I did a little DIY'ing last weekend too.  This project was unbelievably EASY.

I picked up several RIBBA frames from IKEA for the display wall I want to create in William's room.   I debated using a shadow box type frame but liked the idea of having the shells exposed.

After removing the glass, I cut scrapbook paper to fit and glued to the cardboard that came with the frame.  Then positioned my shells and hot glued.

 How's that for a tutorial?  Start to finish...10 minutes.
When the display wall is complete I may spray paint the frame.

In this picture the oranges aren't meshing, but it works.  Things are moving!  The rug arrived and I want to try and pick a paint color this week.



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  1. Hi Aubrey. That is super cute! Thanks so much for sending it to me! Hope you're having a great day.