Tuesday, May 8, 2012

William's Room Inspiration

I'm finally getting around to starting William's room.  For almost the first year he was sharing a room with his sister but for the past few months has been in his own room with only a dresser and crib.  I decided to create this mood board to help give me a little direction and light a fire to get me going!

1.  This little canvas was a baby gift and started the inspiration for the entire room.  As soon as I opened the package my wheels started spinning.

2.  Color Scheme:  Grey, Orange and Blue
While orange and blue sparked the theme of the room, I think grey will add a modern touch and also less of a baby feel to the room.

3.  Fabric
This seems to be the hardest part for me and what has kept me from really starting.  There are a million paint colors to choose from, but only so much fabric that will work.

I'm not going to do new crib bedding when William could very well transition to a toddler bed before he is two, but I want to add more color through fabric to the room.  
Decorating a boy's room is much more challenging (to me) then a girls' room.  I'm not really into the themed decor.  Right now I'm liking thisthis, or this all from Annette Tatum.  They are all cute and would coordinate well, I'm just not sure how I want to use the fabric.  Curtains?  Pillows?  

4.  Paint Color
I keep coming back to grey walls.  All the furniture is white and I think a light grey wall will be a fresh look for the room.

5.  Repurpose an old chair
All of the furniture is white and the only new piece we are planning to add is a chair. Possibly reupholstering or painting a craigslist find.

6.  Rug

The entire upstairs is hardwood floors so a rug is a must.  At first I was drawn to a chevron print after seeing it in other nurseries, and while I still like it, I'm on the fence.  With some of the little touches I want to add a sisal or sea grass rug seems more fitting and would add some texture to the space too.

7.  Display Art
I love our gallery wall in the bedroom and wanted to add something similar to William's room but with more art and color.  This wall is my inspiration!  I have already picked up some frames at IKEA and have a few ideas that I can't wait to get started on.  
I found this ABC sign, and hope to use some shells that we brought back from our trip to Marco Island.

So now that I've shared my mood board (which was super easy to create, BTW) I'm going to get a timeline going and get this project started.

This time I've got before pictures....

Little helper:)




  1. Love the room! Where did you end up finding the rug & is it soft?

    1. I ended up getting the rug at West Elm and after adding a rug pad from Home Goods it does seem a lot softer. It's not plush by any means, but I feel like it's a lot softer than the burlap I was originally considering. Thanks for the comment and hope you see this.