Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Things

I took a break from this weekly post, but I'm back today:)  While I've been posting more lately I didn't feel like I had anything to share for this. Well, I do now!

Snack Time

I had to bring a snack for Lauren's play group and a friend shared a little butterfly idea with me.  I changed it up a little but couldn't believe how easy it was.
*Pipe cleaners (cut in half)
*clothes pins (smiley face optional)
*snack size baggies
*cheddar and cupcake Goldfish (You could do mini crackers and cheese too)


With summer fast approaching I wanted to find a body wash that was also a scrub to wash away the winter skin.  Softsoap's coconut scrub is fabulous.  Not too harsh, not to smelly, and drug store prices are nice too.

(Mark, so sorry to stray from P&G.  I tried:) )

Call Me, Maybe

I'm gonna apologize first for getting this song it stuck in your head.  It's been in my head for a good week (thanks, Joc).  In my head so much I'm lying in bed and humming it.  Best part, toddlers love songs on repeat and so do I.  Yep, we've listened to this about 25 times in the last two days.


Lauren's Style

I think I need to start a little fashion blog for her.  This is what she comes up with on her own.  No help from me.

This is what I helped with for school this morning.  
Lauren was in new clothes as soon as we got home, taking 15 minutes to get something new on.  I would have taken a picture but we had an accident.  If I help for a particular clothes or certain outfit for school, she changes as soon as said activity is over.  
Fast forward ten years and we'll be waiting in the car for her after lord knows how many outfit changes.

Brie and Brisket Quesadillas

On the menu for this weekend.  Don't these look tasty?  Not sure I"ll tackle the mango chutney, store bought may be the route we go. Check the recipe out here!  After we make it I'll post a mini review in the comment section.




  1. Couple things. I'm SORRY I've been a schmuck! With the craziness lately I forgot about our plans for dinner and brie and brisket quesadillo's. Can we still do it soon???? Please. Also, Lauren is fabulous. That's all. xxo.

    1. No problem, I didn't want to ask again, but let's set up soon! I know June is busy for you but maybe a sunday works. Email me.

  2. Great snack idea! And thanks for introducing me to the is now on Beth's Favs! T-5 days, I can't wait!


  3. Brisket and Brie
    I will for sure make again! I actually didn't have brisket, only a rump roast (from a friend who bought a cow) and it isn't as forgiving as brisket. They were still really good, but think it needed the brisket. I also browned on both sides before putting in the crockpot.
    And I didn't make the mango chutney. Substituted mango and peach salsa and then followed the recipe.