Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Crawford Clan Easter

We had a nice and quiet Easter weekend at home which was a first.  We usually have a full agenda of family celebrations, but this year there was no hustle and bustle.  I thought it was the perfect year for us to host Easter dinner.

As with any other Sunday, the alarm monitor woke us bright and early, but it is a precious wake up call when you get to deliver early morning hugs and kisses...besides a bottle its all he wants!

The Easter Bunny brought all these fun things, and it's a toothbrush you want?  Go figure.
And no, we don't believe Easter is the new Christmas.  I got some great deals with coupons and clearance items...
Grand total = $25

These two are most certainly cut from the same cloth because she too loved her Dora toothbrush.  It was the first thing she told her teacher today when asked how her Easter was.  "I got a toothbrush from the Easter Bunny"

Three years old is a great age for Holidays.  Lauren was so into the egg hunt, but completely clueless that the "Easter Bunny" left his loot out for all to see.  Whoops!

I kept our Easter breakfast simple since I was later cooking dinner.  These biscuits were not only the cutest thing, but also super easy.

Bunny Biscuits
1 package of pillsbury Grands
cranberries and almonds or whatever cute embellishments you want:)
-4 biscuits for the face
-4 biscuits cut in half for the ears
-attach on a cookie sheet and bake per package instructions

(I would press the ears to the face a little tighter next time as they came out a little flimsy and broke easily)

We even had an extra guest for breakfast too:)

After breakfast we picked up the pace to get ready for our guests.  It always seems like a race against the clock to get ourselves and the house ready while making sure the kids don't kill each other.
And speaking of kill...these were the best I got of the kids all dressed up.

Lauren putting William in a choke hold.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families!



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