Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Things

This is Five Things: Birthday Edition...aside from a little celebrating and an overnight at Grandma's, I don't know how we got to Friday this fast.  Though I'm so ready for the weekend.  Weird, huh?

Rocking Climbing

I wanted to do something different to celebrate my birthday this year.  We always go out to a really nice dinner and while it's very special, I was looking for something else.  And boy did I find it.  I've always wanted to go rock climbing but it's way out of my comfort zone, adventurous isn't Aubrey. Oh, if I had a bucket list, it would be on it.

It was an amazing experience.  A conquering fears, pushing yourself experience. 

The Aubrey

While trying to get a nice picture of my mom and I at our birthday dinner...I was let in on a little secret.

It's called "The Aubrey."  A dance move my brothers have been recreating behind my back for years.  Supposedly, it's my signature move.  

It goes like this.  Unless there are any objections, I think I'll be retiring it:)

Somebody get this girl some Crest Whitestrips, right?

Three Times the Birthday Fun

My mom, PJ, and I all share April birthday's...April 15, 16, and 17th (best for last).  Growing up I hated that I never had my own cake or my own party.  Everything was shared with PJ.  But now I appreciate and look forward to celebrating together.

I had to ask Sean if he felt left out that he didn't have an April birthday?  Not this brother, he loves having two parties in December.  I hope Lauren feels the same way too!

Thank you so much for hosting us Grandma!

Birthday Breakfast

Before Billy left for long work trip, he woke up extra early to make breakfast.  Lauren got to enjoy his take on Green Eggs and Ham.  She loved it!

 A little Wisdom

I don't have it figured out, but I'm continuing to see that the experiences, the memories we make far outweigh the challenging days with toddlers or a spotless house.  Don't get me wrong, I will never surrender to living in a sh*t hole. But I envy the people that already have that figured out. I know I've said it here before, but I read this on my birthday and wanted to share this quote with you too. Because it's been speaking to me all week.

From my favorite blogger...

We wake up every day, look around and make note of what we have. We smile and say thank you in every way imaginable. When things aren't so great, we do what we can to make them better. And we make it a very important priority not to let life get stale.
                                                                  -Kelle Hampton

That's it right there...never let life get stale.  

Happy Friday, friends!




  1. Love the birthday outfit...and don't completely retire the move, maybe a 3 drink minimum before it comes out:)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I second Beth's comment. Awesome outfit, might steal when we're not getting together ;) Also, I love that move too, maybe semi-retired?? :)

  3. Thanks gals:) Not only do I love gingham, but orange and blue too. Ok, everyone a good laugh, including me when I do it...HA!