Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impromptu Bowling

I was feeling like there just wasn't enough family time this past weekend.  Billy had travelled most of the week and while he caught up with the kids on Saturday, I took some me time to meet up with my friends for brunch.  Sunday was filled with a visit to see a friend's new house and outside chores.  By the time Sunday night came, I felt we needed to make the most of the evening. So after dinner I suggested we grab the diaper bag and go bowling.

It was one hour of quality family time and the perfect number of people for an impatient Lauren who wanted her turn, every turn!

The bumpers came up just for her and went down for us so there could be some friendly competition.   

 Her stance after every roll...waiting and waiting for her ball to knock a few pins down.

We all had a blast! William might disagree, as he needed to be held when he really wanted to run out onto the lane.  As for Lauren, it sure tired her out, stating on the way home "I'm ready for bed."



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