Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Fun

I promise that this year I won't bombard you with a mutha load of Easter postings like I did here, here, here, and Lawdamercy, here!  Clearly, I had jumped on the Easter train last year, but there was good reason.  An unusual cold spring + new baby = stir crazy toddler.  I was doing any and everything to keep her entertained.

This year we are keeping it simple.  One hunt.  One visit to the Easter Bunny.  

 Heh dude, I know leather is slippery, but can ya make sure my kid stays on your lap? 

Valassis hosted a Bunny Breakfast last saturday and both kids had a great time visiting daddy's work.  There was so much for the kids to do.

Lauren especially liked having her face painted and searching for candy filled eggs!

We were just happy William didn't eat any of the paper.

The eggs are dyed too.  Grandma Mary came over yesterday and we carefully let Miss Lauren do most of the dying.

 It's amazing to see how much more she can do all by herself in just one year.  She is always wanting to do everything all by herself and is so unbelievably proud of herself when she accomplishes something she knows was hard.

In many ways Lauren is very independent and in many she wants to be just like me, adding a belt to her outfit after seeing me in mine or putting her babies in place after they've acted up:)  More and more I'm seeing just how much they watch me and just how much of a teacher I am to them.  Sponges, I tell ya!

There are egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs in our future, any other ideas?



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  1. Cobb salad :)
    Great Easter pics, love their face paintings. Really leather couch?!? So funny.