Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Blooms

May is right around the corner and this is usually the time I get the idea for a spring pot on our front porch.  Until this year, I've never done one because I ultimately decide that I'll be planting for summer soon enough and why bother?

I got my idea much earlier and had my pansies in hand before April 1st.  I can't believe how well they've done even on cold nights.  I only bought a few because our pot isn't that large and then purchased some forsythia branches from JoAnn's and later got some real branches from Kroger for $.99 because I felt it wasn't full enough.

And of course, I needed a wreath.  I love the look of burplap and found this easy tutorial.  I didn't want an Easter theme, just something springy that could also be used into summer if I wanted.  The flower just clips on so I could easily change out.  Simple, no fuss.

Any Spring projects you're working on?  Or are you holding off till summer?



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