Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Things


We checked that first visit box this week.  In true Lauren fashion, she got all dressed up for her big appointment, even brushing her teeth extra good.



It's blinding how much cleaner they got:)  No cavities and was an exceptional patient!

Banana Pops

This sweet treat was much easier than the dreaded cake version.  We did a family movie night last weekend and since we were letting Lauren stay up a little late, a sugar buzz wouldn't hurt too.  Just slice up the bananas, melt some chocolate and serve up with some toppings.  The only thing I would change next time might be the size of my slices or the sticks I used.  The link attached used these vintage straws I keep seeing everywhere, they might work better.

For the Love of Gingham

Spring always brings out my inner prep and I'm just warning you that when you see me next and the time after that, I'll most likely be wearing check.  These suckered gingham shirts are light-weight and they work now layered and into the summer.

 I will not eat green eggs and ham

I caught this little moment of her reading out loud this afternoon.  She just got Green Eggs and Ham for Easter and can already recite almost the entire book.  Hopefully she'll become an avid reader just like her dad.


One of my favorite blogger's wrote a book and it's a beautiful story about her daughter's first year of life, a daughter they unexpectedly welcomed with down syndrome.  I started it a week ago and am almost finished...getting to have a real time book club with Beth over our favorite paragraph's and discussing how honest her writing is.

My copy will be making it's way to another Kelle lover, so if you can't wait, go get this book...otherwise, I'm happy to keep passing this along.  There is something for everyone in this book.



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