Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Things

Closet Fashion Tips

My friend Courtney has a clever little fashion blog, Closet Fashion Fix.  She goes shopping in your closet to create new and improved outfits out of everything you already own.  This week she posted some great fashion tips.  Her tip about using a safety pin to hold your belt in place works!  Hope you guys find some of these helpful.  Thanks Courtney!


Check out Disney's newest trailer, I'm sure it will be a hit.  By request, we've watched the trailer a few too many times already:)  In theaters June 22nd...dinner and a movie, anyone?


I can't believe I haven't shared this dessert before.  One of our family favorites and always the first to go when I take it to a party.  I once saw the same guy eat half of the plate.  We will be home most of the weekend and this sweet and easy treat is perfect.  You won't make regular rice krispie treats again:)

Mama Moment

I rarely get both kids napping at the same time, but today they are.  After William went down I could tell Lauren was fighting sleep and she insisted "I don't want to take a snooze."  But I held her and sang while I watched her eyes get heavier and heavier.  Before they even closed I had tears in my eyes thinking how long it's been since I actually sang her to sleep and how rare this moment is.  I snapped that mental picture and tucked it away.  

Clap your hands

My baby surprised us on Monday night with some clapping!  We've been working on waving "hi" and "bye" for over a month and nothing.  But I showed him how to clap his hands for the first time and he nailed it.  



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