Sunday, June 3, 2012

Five Things

A few days late but didn't want to wait another week.  Happy Sunday!

Last Day of School

Lauren's just finished her last day of "pre" pre-school before we left for our vacation.  She was actually really sad to leave.  She enjoyed all her friends, projects and teachers.  


 We had to get a last day picture to compare to her first day.  Before leaving for the summer, we stopped in to meet her teacher for next year.  Lauren loved the room and her teacher was so sweet.  I hope we'll see a lot of her friends next year too!

Teacher Gifts

I wanted to give Lauren's teachers a little gift, nothing crazy but just something to say thank you. Found on Pinterest, of course. Potted gerbra daisy from Trader Joe's. Add a little the message to a #2 pencil and your good to go. One of the teacher's wanted all the details so she could do for her children's teachers.  I think we did ok:)


A little pre-trip pampering and mommy/daughter date. I thought I would have waited until she was a little older but we needed the one on one time. She picked pink for hands and yellow for her toes and was so good and polite!

Just a Little Something

I purchased a planner from Erin Condren last year and upon receiving it there were a few labels snuck in that are adorable and have actually come in handy.  I always keep these clear cellophane bags on hand for any impromptu gift or goody bag filled with freshly baked cookies.  Tying a cute ribbon is certainly enough, but adding the labels makes it even more personal.  I think I'll be ordering soon.

We're Back...

I hope you enjoyed the posts while we were away on our vacation.  I completely checked out from blogging but had a few things scheduled for my most loyal readers:)  We had an amazing vacation in the Outer Banks with some friends.  I will be back later this week to post about our trip.  Here are a few...

Beach Chic

Sporting our matching hats

One of my favs!

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