Monday, June 11, 2012

Outer Banks, NC

Our trip report is here!
I went through ALL the pictures, deleting a ton and editing some of my favorites.  I decided to make a couple collages using picmonkey.  It's a free online editing software and incredibly easy to use.

My family has been going to Duck, North Carolina for over 20 years and since getting married this was our third trip.  We'd been planning a family trip for awhile and decided on this location back in January because it was almost equal distance for both families.  We couldn't have picked a better house and had spectacular weather.

This trip wasn't packed with sight seeing or fancy restaurants.  Mainly stuffed with days at the beach or pool, home cooked meals, and game nights.  Our kids were fast friends and when the trip came to an end, the only reason I was ready to come home was the excitement of the start of summer.

Talking on the phone or a few hour visit is never enough.  One would think seven days straight would be...NEVER!  Love ya, miss ya!




  1. Loved every minute of those 7 days! Looking forward to the next know us, always planning the next thing :) Maybe 2014 before the littles start is that even possible!

    Love ya!

  2. Love, love, love!!! You gals are like twins!! xxo!