Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

We've been going on vacation around Memorial Day the last few years and it always ignites this need to make this summer the best one.  I don't know if it's because summer is short and winter is long or having kids, but I never want it pass me by.  

We started strong this week.  We bought a zoo.  Membership, that is:)  Sadly, we never made it there once last summer (using new baby excuse) but plan on visiting a bunch this year.

It's five minutes from our house.  And dad has a pass too, so he can take the kiddies without me.  Bonus!

Never the less, I'm making a summer bucket list.  Wanna join in?
I've done it before and even carrying a few things over from years past.

We get busy.  And between vacations, summer camps, and swim lessons, I want to make sure I do a few things for me and for us.  I'm not just someone who picks up the kids and takes them strawberry picking because it popped into my head.  We'll go, but I will have researched it online and had it on the calendar for a week.  Not all the time, today I  surprised myself.  We took a long walk and stopped so Lauren could "climb trees," then dragged out all the water toys and had a backyard picnic lunch.  A+ for this mom!

I can get sidetracked with an open calendar.  Lost in my everyday responsibilities.  And while I'm rarely spontaneous, I'm gonna make it look like I am to my mini-me planner in training.  I'm finishing the list and will post next week.  

I'd LOVE to hear some things you want to do this summer.  Do share!

Trip photos?  They're coming.  We swapped memory cards and I just now have them all.  All 692!  Yeah, um, yeah.



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  1. My summer bucket list. LOTS of picnics, relax by the pool, finish a book. Oh and get MARRIED! :)

    ummm, can your kids BE any cuter!?!?!